WordPress Development Serivce as a headless CMS for Next.js

WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS), powering over 43% of the web. To improve the security, performance, and scalability of WordPress applications, developers decouple their WordPress content from their web infrastructure.

What is Headless WordPress?

Headless architecture decouples your frontend and backend into separate, independently scalable pieces of infrastructure. Headless WordPress enables you to keep your existing content workflows in place while evolving your frontend for increased performance.
The Future of WordPress: Exploring the Intersection of Headless CMS and Next.js” This forward-looking piece would delve into the evolving landscape of WordPress and the growing prominence of headless CMS architectures. It would analyze the emerging trends, industry projections, and the potential impact of the headless WordPress and Next.js combination on the future of web development and content management.
While your frontend can consume the WordPress REST API to display your content, WordPress plugins (like WPGraphQL) enable you to generate a GraphQL API with zero configuration.

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Why Go Headless?
Decoupling your frontend and CMS-backed content provides many benefits:
  • Flexible: You can use Next.jsSvelte, or any other frontend framework your team prefers and evolve your frontend separately over time.
  • Resilient: If your WordPress server has downtime, your Vercel-hosted frontend will continue to serve your traffic without interruption, showing the last statically generated content from the cache. Once your WordPress server is back online, you can then start displaying new content.
  • Easy & Instantaneous Content Updates: In a WordPress dashboard, anyone can keep content up to date. Developers can keep their focus on building applications while others make content changes. Also, with Vercel’s Incremental Static Regeneration, changes are propagated globally in less than 500ms.
The perfect solution for frontend, backend, and non-coding content managers
The WordPress backend is free (both as in beer and freedom) and easy to set up even for a non-technical user. What’s more, many users are already familiar with the WordPress dashboard for admins. WordPress installation is easy (WordPress locally being an excellent easy option for testing) and the WordPress CMS layer is being rapidly developed (just have a look at the Gutenberg Editor – either loved or hated, but an increasingly important tool in your WordPress setup). What’s more, it has a large community that can provide access to countless themes and plugins allowing you to modify your website according to your whims.

Our WordPress Services

Benefit from transformational enterprise WordPress development services backed by extensive hands-on knowledge of WordPress VIP and the ability to meet the challenging demands of evolving business requirements, industry quality standards and environments. With us, you get all the experience and expertise needed to craft enterprise-grade WordPress experiences.
WordPress Migration
Migrate existing website to WordPress with minimal downtime to benefit from premium VIP features.
Django to WordPress Migration
WordPress sites tailormade to meet your business expectations and which scale to meet growing business needs.
Sitecore to WordPress
Move your enterprise website to the fast, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective WordPress CMS with minimal downtime.
WordPress Multisite Development
Multiple WordPress websites that empower your business and drive business profitability with one installation.
Hire Word Press Developer To Overcome Your Technology Hurdles
WordPress is a preeminent website Development Platform to deal with your business and personal objectives while helping you construct an adaptable and versatile solution. Our WordPress Web Development Company will guarantee an extraordinary balance between consistent website development work and cost-effectiveness.
We provide Website Development Services and understand the importance of your business’s online visibility. Our team of WordPress Experts uses various Design & SEO methodologies to improve online visibility for your business. So Hire WordPress Developer to get the most professional, robust and reliable WordPress Development Services with excellent online visibility.
Improve Your Website Performance With WordPress Website Maintenance Services
Whether you own a small business website or run a full-fledged WordPress CMS, you need help keeping it up and running securely with faster loading time and a better user experience. Besides offering the best WordPress development services, we can help you with various ongoing Maintenance and Support Services available.

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We have so far delivered more than 10,000+ WordPress themes, websites, and plug-ins to our global clientele in a career spanning more than 12 years. Our experienced WordPress development team knows the ins and outs of WordPress development which gives us a slight edge over our competitors. They are well-versed with all the cutting-edge tools and technology to develop a highly improvised web version using WordPress.
From commercial websites to personal portfolios, our full-service WordPress development agency can assist you in delivering completely responsive and functional websites that meet your business objectives. Associate with a renowned WordPress development company today and take your online business to the threshold of success!
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